ASIC Registered Agent

As the officeholders of your Australian company or companies are ultimately responsible for compliancy with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), one of the key benefits of using Twelve OneOne Bookkeeping as your ASIC Registered Agent is that we handle the ASIC compliance of a large volume of companies regularly. As such, we have a thorough knowledge and familiarity with the statutory requirements companies need to meet under the Corporations Act 2001 (the Act).

Over the years, ASIC has been progressively moving online for lodgement of updates to the companies register. This aligns with how we currently deliver services to our corporate customers, where paper forms are available only on an exception basis. We have direct integration with ASIC systems which means we monitor your company or companies, 24/7.

Benefits of a Professional Registered Agent

ASIC Registered Agents act as intermediaries between officeholders of Australian companies and ASIC to help companies meet their lodgement obligations more efficiently. As the company’s ASIC agent, Twelve OneOne Bookkeeping can:

  • Receive all correspondence from ASIC relating to the company annual review statement and fees payable
  • Download a current ASIC search and debt reports for the company at no cost
  • Prepare the company’s ASIC Annual Review Company Statement and directors solvency resolution and send them to you;
  • Lodge ASIC documents for each company so that you have proof of receipt of lodgement at ASIC
  • Send ASIC invoice statements to you for fees due or any late fees that need your attention
  • Lodge an unlimited number of change of company notices with ASIC
  • Use our ASIC EDGE approved software which means you no longer are required to administer Corporate Keys for each company

We can also prepare and lodge all ASIC forms required, including but not limited to:

  • Change of company addresses
  • Appointment and cessation of company officeholders
  • Adding or removing ultimate holding company
  • Changing share structure
  • Appointing or ceasing members
  • Changes to officeholder details
  • Company resolutions e.g. change of company name
  • Changes to shareholder details

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