The recovery starts now

Data from Xero’s Small Business Insights, has confirmed the impact of COVID-19 on UK small business revenue and employment. Amongst the UK’s small businesses, the analysis shows:

Between March and May there was a 28% drop in revenue 
During the same time, there was a 6% decline in employment 
Late payments to small businesses increased by 7.8 days between February and May

Business conditions are tough.

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Latest product news

The past few months have been challenging and taught us a lot about collaborating in remote environments. We know we do our best work when we stay #human and connected to customers and partners, so we’re proud to bring you these new features as we discover new ways to work together and strive to make Xero simple, seamless and smart.

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Celebrating Xero in Canada

At Xero, Canada holds a special place in our hearts. As someone who has had the opportunity to see our business grow since we launched in May 2018, I wanted to reflect on the progress and journey Xero and our community of accounting professionals and small businesses have made during that time. 

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Xero and PwC Canada help small business owners take control of cash flow

Today, Xero announced the availability of improved financial reporting tools for small businesses and their advisors across Canada. PwC Canada’s Cashflow Coach is now available for the Canadian market on the Xero app marketplace to help small business owners and startups take control of their cash flow management challenges.

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